Cojocaru Maxim
Hello, my name is Maxim, I am a multi-disciplinary maker with 7 years experience in digital design and product management.
Born and raised In Moldova, I started as a self-taught designer serving entrepreneurs, and digital start-ups. I enjoyed working with enthusiastic people who want to solve problems through beautiful design and experiences.
I also had the opportunity to work with local design-studios and
As I gained more experience and management capabilities I've launched my first independent product Marquiz
We were not reliant on any external funding, this allows us to grow slowly and carefully while ensuring our values are reflected in everything we do. Within 4 years we became the local leading product on the Russian market.
I am currently shaping the future of marketing quizzes and looking forward to go global.
As side-projects I love helping develop musical and cultural projects
  • — a selected art collection of Vasile Cojocaru, my grandfather and Moldovan painter
  • — creative spaces for everyone who loves music and wants to realize their creative potential. Scratch DJ School is offering DJ training courses in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan and Belgorod.
  • — an educational platform to help master new musical instruments. I enjoyed creating an effortless user experience and lead the team from idea to launch.
  • Distinction — a gorgeous personal photo collection about the ability to notice plastic decisions and buoyant things
You can contact me on Instagram or email
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