Museo del Novecento, Milan
Hello, my name is Maxim,
I design digital products.
Currently shaping the future
of marketing quizzes at
Within 2 years, our startup
grown to 80 957 users
and Russian market leader.

SElected Projects

A tool for creating high conversion quizzes.
I am responsible for the entire design, from concept to release and gathering user’s feedback.
5,484,147 leads generated for our clients.
Marquiz statistics from 11.04.2020
The online music school — an educational platform to help master new musical instruments.
I enjoyed creating an effortless user experience and lead the team from idea to launch.
A gorgeous personal photo collection about the ability to notice plastic decisions and buoyant things
No mottos, no mantras, no affirmations. Only carefully crafted mixes.



I am a product designer leading and improving
IT projects.
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