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Site for the largest shopping center in Malldova

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Site for the largest shopping center

The largest and most popular shopping center in moldova needs to update their old site. It didn’t represent real interest for users and lessees. The task was to rethink the online representation of Malldova’s brand and involve the audience in the shopping center’s life.

The second step was to create an online platform for the tenants and lessees: shops, restaurants, cafes, where they can share events and discounts. The site should be a convenient place for searching and viewing new products in the world of fashion, entertainment and culture.

The new platform should be convenient for both administrators and tenants. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the administrative part of the site, for easy use and content management.


Designed for humans

I’ve created a concept for the new Malldova website, inspired by famous and world-class studios works. The navigation was divided on categories of interests: Shops, restaurants, movies, services, entertainments. It’s intuitively clear thanks to the use of pictograms, and a convenient arrangement in the left part of the website.

Due to the intelligible separation of site into semantic blocks it was possible to attain simplicity, where all categories are accessible in one click. The most commonly used blocks are brought out to the main page.



I developed this concept to participate in the tender for creating the new site of Malldova. There were explicit problems on the ol site, it didn’t represent real interest. I approached the task after studying more than 15 foreign resources and derived the best working models.

For me it was important to create actually a real working platform. I paid considerable attention to the functional of site. Developed block with news which works like the Facebook news feed. Now the site will be constantly renewed and filled due to the content of leaseholders.

The pages “About us” and “Leaseholders” are designed in a new format, so that the owners could easily assume claims and create new partnerships, and be clearly oriented among the site proposals.

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