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I’ve created a Landing page for the "Heroes" conference for KMB.

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Full hall for the event "Heroes of Moldova's Business"

The primary task was to interest business-owners to participate in the conference, and show the real scale of the event. It was required to describe the conference’s speakers in detail, for each of them was created a separate video-invite. Secondly the task was to describe the private KMB’s club priorities and benefits.

Cojocaru Maxim

Since tasks there were several, I tried to divide the blocks in a clear way, beginning with the conference description, then the private club card. I Applied the recognized colors of KMB’s brand and used bright visual illustrations.


Full hall of participants

The new site was ready in 14 days. The KMB team managed, due to its promptness, to attract enough auditory and traffic to start the event. The conference turned out really impressive, a full hall of participants.




Applications per week


Participants come again

Video invite form speakers

The KMB team prepared a unique video invitation for each speaker and a prompt story about the hero. The hero is the man who built himself, the market leader, or a successful businessman.


We launched in 14 days

I worked together with the KMB team for a two weeks period. The time was limited, it was necessary to launched in 5 days. Me and Amir (The KMB President) decided to make a simplified page for the first conference to have some relevant content to show.

I managed to launch the first version in 2 days. Then we tightly worked above the semantic blocks of the site in order to show the real conference's scale . We succeeded to show the benefits and and describe the main idea in a beautiful and friendly way.


A site that sells

The event speaks for itself. The best Moldovans entrepreneurs perform on the same stage and share their personal success story. We should simply talk about them in detail.

Cojocaru Maxim

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