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Latest updated - june 2017

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I’m Cojocaru Maxim, designer and co-founder at One agency. I help entrepreneurs effectively present their business on the Internet to increase brand loyalty, sales, recognition and achieve their goals.


Oleg Torbosov, Malldova, Art&Brick, Cyber Retail Brand, Stroy-Krovlja, Gergoff Design, KMB, RestorFX,


Web design, Art direction, Mobile, UI/UX design, Marketing, Development

About me

I'm a designer, working with entrepreneurs and owners of medium and large businesses, to help effectively pack their product on the web. I design sites, landing pages, blogs, commercial offers, presentations, letters and advertising materials. My clients connect me to their business in case they want it to become more:

  1. simple and clear
  2. beautiful
  3. customer oriented

I believe that through individual design approach, brands can radically improve the interaction quality with their clients, increase sales, loyalty and recognition. Therefore, i design individually for the client’s purpose. At the beginning of the work, we figure out the existing business indicators, working tools, and formulate a key task to solve the problem, for example: increase sales through the packaging of a new product, increase conversion, create a presentation or a blog.

As a result, you get a working product that performs exactly its functions, with full access to management tools and individual design. I can not help in case you need a ready made solution or a quick test for business hypothesis. But i can advise reliable agencies.

Working in a marketing agency for about a year, I gained experience in creating truly working products. Learned to count indicators, write headers and texts, track and test pages conversion. I believe that design is solution. So i work on creating projects that are both visual beauty and successfully fulfill their tasks.

Cojocaru Maxim

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For any questions, work or partnership requests please feel free to get in touch:

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